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Call For Stories – Flu Exhibit

A special exhibit is taking place in October to mark the 100th Anniversary of the flu pandemic.

Considered the worst epidemic since the plague of the 14th century, recent research is now showing that mortality of the 1918/19 flu epidemic could be as high as 100 million. Yet it has been all but forgotten. One in six households here in Canada were affected, and it killed more Canadians in 12 months than the entire four years of the Great War.

Was your family affected? Were they living here in Canada at the time, or had they yet to immigrate?

The Archives and Museum Committee is collecting stories of families touched by the flu epidemic wherever they may have been living at the time. If your family has a story to tell of how they were affected and would like to share and become a part of the research being undertaken, you are asked to contact Archives & Museum Coordination Nancy Mallett at 416-364-7865 or archives@stjamescathedral.ca.


Posted on: August 10th, 2018 by St James Cathedral

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