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Grief Support

Grief, Loss

The weight of grief, the isolation of loss, remembering, forgetting, living in an altered reality… This may be of interest to you or someone you care about.

St. James is offering an 8-week small group series to support men and women coping with loss and grief. The group will be facilitated by trained members of the church. This will be a safe place to bring bruised hearts and nourish each other. We shall share food, experiences and coping skills. We plan to start in September.


To determine dates and times and to shape the sessions to the needs of the participants we ask that you help us by responding to a few questions.

1. Might you be interested in joining a grief support group?
2. Have you someone you believe would appreciate being invited to such a group?
3. Would morning, afternoon or evening work better for you?
4. There are so many types of losses and causes for grief. It would be helpful if you could specify your own concern.

Please email responses to: llampman@stjamescathedral.ca



To contact us please email or phone Lanadee:

Lanadee Lampman RN, Parish Nurse
Tel: 416-364-7865, ext. *232
Email: llampman@stjamescathedral.ca

Posted on: May 31st, 2017 by St James Cathedral

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