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Taizé Service

Taizé Community is founded in 1940 by Protestant theologian Brother Roger, who had served the first prior until his death on August 16, 2005. Taizé prayer is a kind of ecumenical worship service, which is a very popular devotional worship in Protestant and Catholic churches. This kind of prayer model was developed according to the monastic style, and it has become more and more accepted world wide.
A Taizé worship service usually involves repeatable hymns, chanted prayers, meditation, a period of silence, liturgical readings and icons. This kind of Taizé style prayer has drawn great number of people from different denominations to worship God.
Generally speaking, Taizé worship is a kind of way to connect with God. The focuses of Taizé are often kept and maintained through icons and repeatable chants, which leads the exigence of the peace and the presence of God.
At 7 pm of every 1st Tuesday of the month, St. James Cathedral holds the Taize prayer, an English / Mandarin bilingual service. The theme of this year is “to discover a kind of love!” May we have the serene moment in this busy world, so that we can encounter God. Let us discover God’s love and expedience his wonderful presence.




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