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Nellie’s Journey: A Reading

Join Mary Druce for a reading from her latest novel, “Nellie’s Journey” on Sunday, October 28 in Snell Hall at 12:30pm. A light lunch will be provided. Bring your copy or buy one for $20. Mary will be signing copies.

Nellie Parkin is a young woman of spirit and intellect.The advent of WW1 frees her from the drudgery of the mill, enabling her to become a nursing aide at the front of battle. Here, strong relationships are formed, and friendships are cemented. Fascinated by the problems facing the fighting men – in particular the victims of the so-called “Shell shock,” Nellie reads as much as she can regarding the effects this shock has on the brain. Back at home, her journey of discovery continues, as she seeks the education needed in order to challenge the existing status quo in the current medical thinking.

Nellie’s Journey is not so much a history of WW1, as it is the story of ordinary people, embroiled in the effects of a terrible war. A war that has a profound effect in changing the course of their lives. Here, we meet the Parkin family – Mam (Jessie) Pa (Bill) George, Nellie, Sally and Will. Their lives are ruled by the demands of the Woolen Mills of Eldenfield where they live. But the arrival of the war on their doorstep, changes everything for them. This is not only then, a tale of war, it is a tale of survival, of family, of love and of hope…



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