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Nuclear Weapons & Christian Witness in an Anxious Age

A Lecture with The Rev’d Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

6:00pm Service (Cathedral)
6:30pm Light Supper (Cathedral Centre)
7:00pm Lecture (Cathedral Centre)

Nuclear weapons, seemingly a bygone problem of the Cold War, have raged back into our daily headlines. From North Korea to Iran to the decay of U.S.-Russian relations, the threat of nuclear conflict feels more pressing than it has in decades. Fears are exacerbated by the heated rhetoric coming from the current White House, where President Trump holds the unilateral power to destroy life on earth with a single order. What’s a Christian to think, feel, and do in our anxious age? This talk will supply a brief primer on the history and current state of nuclear weapons (no prior knowledge needed) as well as an overview of Christian theological and political engagement with nuclear weapons, deterrence, and disarmament, and will conclude with possible steps for action and advocacy in the Canadian church context.

The Rev’d Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

The Rev’d Tyler Wigg-Stevenson is the Assistant Pastor at Little Trinity Anglican Church and the author of several books, including the multiple-award-winning The World Is Not Ours To Save. Prior to entering full-time congregational ministry, he worked for many years as a faith-based advocate for the abolition of nuclear weapons, principally as the founder of the U.S.-based Two Futures Project. He continues to serve as Chair of the Global Task Force on Nuclear Weapons for the World Evangelical Alliance, an international network of 600 million Christians, and sits on the board of the Ploughshares Fund, a leading nuclear security funding organization. Tyler has spoken about faith and nuclear weapons at venues as varied as the United Nations, Washington National Cathedral, and Willow Creek Church, as well as in numerous interviews with both secular and religious media. Currently a doctoral student in interdisciplinary theology at the University of Toronto (Wycliffe College), Tyler has written extensively on issues of faith and culture, both in peer-reviewed journals and popular publications like The Washington Post, Christianity Today, CNN.com, and Sojourners. Tyler and his wife, Natalie, a professor and theologian, live in Toronto with their two young daughters.

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