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Staff & Lay Leaders

Administration & Communications

Lisa Scapillato

Administrative Assistant, The Dean’s Office


Contact Lisa


(416) 364-7865 ext *229

As administrative assistant, Lisa is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Dean’s office, including the preparation of all service materials, administration for the cathedral team, and the processing of donations.

Wendy Pappas



A member of the Cathedral staff for over 11 years, Wendy is the first person parishioners and guests see when they enter the Cathedral Centre. Wendy manages the phone switchboard, answers inquiries from the public, provides administrative support to the staff, and manages the ticket sales for our internal events.

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(416) 364-7865 ext *221

Jessie-Ann Baines

Communications Manager


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(416) 364-7865 ext *288

Joining the Cathedral team in November 2017, Jessie-Ann oversees and manages all communications; from weekly bulletins, to the Cathedral’s social media accounts, to the newsletters, annual vestry reports, and narrative budgets.

Archives & Museum

Nancy Mallett

Archivist & Museum Curator


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(416) 364-7865 ext *233

A former elementary school Vice-Principal, Nancy began leading tours of the Cathedral some thirty years ago. She was asked to take responsibility for the Archives and Museum here in March 1998, and it became a full-time occupation almost immediately. Nancy oversees the collection, maintenance, and upkeep of our archives and museum, leads tours of the Cathedral, and organizes frequent events and exhibits. She also serves as a wellspring of knowledge of the history of the Cathedral.

Rhonda Yearwood

Archives Assistant


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As the Archival Assistant since 2015, Rhonda fulfills numerous archival and curatorial duties, including research, accessioning artifacts, and helping with exhibits. Rhonda has a Masters of Art Gallery and Museum Studies from the University of Manchester.

External Events

Lucia Al-Zaiatova

Event Operations Manager


Contact Lucia


(416) 364-7865 ext *231

Lucia has been at the Cathedral since 2012, having previously worked in the insurance industry.  As the Event Operations Manager, Lucia manages the External Events team, setting out policies and procedures, in addition to managing internal and external events.

Nathan McNeil

Site Events Coordinator


Contact Nathan


(416) 364-7865 ext *303

Nathan brings over a decade of event coordination to the Cathedral Centre events team. As a Site Events coordinator, he is in charge of the logistical planning and operations of all internal events, working with clients, and external vendors.

Olga Sein

Site Events Coordinator


Contact Olga


(416) 364-7865 ext *304


Andrew Kuhl

Children, Youth, and Families Coordinator


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(416) 364-7865 ext *826

A Masters Student in Theology at Wycliffe College since 2012, Andrew joined St. James Cathedral in September 2017. He previously worked in a variety of roles – including serving, lay anointing, lay preaching, and leading small groups – at St. George the Martyr, Anglican Church.

His vision for the ministry is to empower children and youth to develop and grow a foundation of faith, within which they are able to ask questions and explore their own faith in a safe and supportive environment.

Health & Outreach

Lanadee Lampman

Parish Nurse


Contact Lanadee


(416) 364-7865 ext *232

Lanadee has been the St. James Parish Nurse since Oct 2013. Her background is in community nursing as a visiting nurse, a public health nurse, and a palliative care nurse with short stints in long-term care and hemodialysis. As Parish Nurse, Lanadee brings together the healing resources of our faith with the professional knowledge and skills of a nurse. She manages the Lay Pastoral Visitor Team, and works with the Health Council to support the care of the sick, and promote health and healing within the congregation.

Kathy Biasi

Outreach Program Coordinator


Contact Kathy


(416) 364-7865 ext *222

As Outreach Program Coordinator, Kathy manages our Tuesday Drop-In, provides outreach support, oversees volunteers, and heads up the St. James arm of the Faith+Hub network.

Kathy holds a BA in psychology and has an extensive background in the social service/non-profit field; including shelters, second-stage housing, outreach, and other drop-ins. Kathy joined the Cathedral team in May 2017.

Gloria Weibe

Health & Foot Care Clinic Coordinator


Contact Gloria


(416) 364-7865 ext *230

Gloria has been involved with the Cathedral for decades, joining in 1980 as a member of the Parish. In 1998, she became St. James’ first Parish Nurse – when the concept of parish nursing was just emerging in Ontario. Gloria identified foot care as a major health care need of many Drop-In guests – a need not answered elsewhere. With the Cathedral’s support, and individual donations, the foot care clinic was born. Gloria manages the clinic, and sits on the Health Council and Lay Pastoral Visitor teams.


Robert Busiakiewicz

Director of Music


Contact Robert


(416) 364-7865 ext *224

Robert holds music degrees from the University of London, Royal Academy of Music, and the University of Cambridge, where he was a choral scholar at King’s College. Although equally comfortable conducting for the theatre and concert platforms, his background lies in Cathedral music, frequently singing on radio, disc, and international television. In 2014, Robert moved to Canada, joining the Cathedral team, and forming the professional vocal ensemble, Opus 8.

Elizabeth Groskorth

Music Department Assistant


Contact Elizabeth


(416) 364-7865 ext *234

Elizabeth has been the Music Department Administrator since August 2017, looking after all the administrative functions in the Music Department of St. James Cathedral. She oversees the Cathedral Choir roster of singers, books singers for weddings, funerals, and special services and events, and ensures that all musicians are paid for their work at the cathedral. She contributes to event planning for concerts and other special events and handles general queries directed to the Music Department.

Ian Sadler



Contact Ian

Through the music department at music@stjamescathedral.ca

Born in Cambridge, UK, Ian was a chorister at St. Paul’s Cathedral where he was later appointed Organ Scholar.  He moved to Canada in 1980 following appointments at Grace Church on-the-Hill and Upper Canada College.  He now maintains an active career as an organist and choral conductor.  Alongside the position of organist of St. James, Ian conducts the 90 voice Stratford Concert Choir and The Cathedral Singers of Ontario.  For a Gospel album recorded by his Burlington Chamber Choir, Pro Musica, Ian received a Juno award.  In 2007,  Ian was made a Fellow of the Royal Canadian College of Organists for his dedication to promoting Canadian composers, both at home and abroad. Visit Ian’s website at isadler.com.

Nick Veltmeyer

Organ Scholar


Contact Manuel

Through the music department at music@stjamescathedral.ca

Nick is a student in the Advanced
Certificate in Performance program at the University of Toronto. Nick was awarded
a scholarship and bursary from the Nova Scotia Talent Trust and held the position of Organ
Scholar of the University of King’s College. Nick has been active in Nova Scotia founding and
directing choral music programmes, performing, composing, collaborating with mixed media
artists, and notably starting Aureas Voces, an early music ensemble based out of Halifax, NS.

Property & Finance

Rob Saffrey

Director of Operations & Finance


Contact Rob


(416) 364-7865 ext *225

Rob Saffrey joined the Cathedral in 2008, after working for the Diocese of Toronto. Rob sets the financial direction and oversees the day-to-day Cathedral operations, including the cemetery, capital projects, budgeting, and payroll.

Jennifer Wang



Contact Jennifer


(416) 364-7865 ext *258

Jennifer joined the Cathedral as Bookkeeper in November of 2017. As bookkeeper, Jennifer is responsible for tracking the day-to-day financial transactions in the Cathedral. Specific to St. James, Jennifer also manages the payments for the weekly flower memorials in the Cathedral.

Jim Kotsifas

Property Manager


Contact Jim


(416) 364-7865 ext *824

As Property Manager, Jim oversees all operations and maintainance of the Cathedral, the Cathedral Centre, and the Diocesan offices.  He manages the building service workers and the sextons.

Raisa Kocaqi-Gjergjaj

Property Manager Assistant


Contact Raisa


(416) 364-7865 ext *257

Raisa became the Property Manager Assistant and internal events coordinator for St. James in November 2018. In these two roles Raisa handles the scheduling of all building maintenance workers, supervising internal events, oversees building upkeep, and books all internal events.

Emile Rhinelander

Senior Sexton


Contact Emile


A member of the Cathedral’s full-time staff since 2004, Emile became Senior Sexton in 2013. As Senior Sexton, he has a variety of roles and responsibilities within the Cathedral, including assisting with liturgies, set-up and preparations for services, and managing the audio recording and sound system. He also works with committees such as the Altar Guild, the Flower Guild, and the Server & Sacristans Guild.

Cathedral Governance

Cathedral Wardens

Don Solomon

People’s Warden

Jayne Hobbs

Rector’s Warden

Barbara Hirst

Deputy People’s Warden

Joan Peters

Deputy Rector’s Warden

Contact the Wardens: wardens@stjamescathedral.ca

Cathedral Council Members: Pauline Brown, Susan Brown, Carole Chabot, David Crawford, Angela David,
Pat Maltby, Joe Minta, Russell Mark, Sandra Mowat, Kate Uchendu

Ex-Officio Council Members: Rob Saffrey (Operations),
The Dean, The Vicar

Lay Delegates to Synod: Angela Carroll, Carole Chabot, Christine Hillyer, Ed McBride, Bob Simpson

Synod Alternates: Robert Hart, Sandra Mowat, Sybil Wilkinson

Lay Leaders

To get in touch with Cathedral Lay Leaders, please contact the main office.

Altar Guild: Yosola Adeoye
Amnesty Action Circle: Carol Burnham Cook
Archives & Museum: Nancy Mallett
Book Club: Ruth Davis
Carillon Bells: Annie Odom
Change Ringers: Madeleine Cheesman
Education for Ministry Mentor: Carol Kysela
Greeters: Yvonne Joseph
Health Council: Joanne Short
Lay Visitors: Cecil Fennell & Lanadee Lampman
Outreach Committee: Jenny Formanek
Servers & Sacristans: Paul Seddon, Leslie Derbecker
Sidespersons: Barbara Hirst and Bob Simpson
Stewards (9:00am): Rob Haines
Tour Guides: Nancy Mallett
York Group: Ann Abraham & Jane Rowan

The Cathedral Church of St James

106 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 2E9 | (416)364-7865 | info@stjamescathedral.ca

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