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Sharps Disposal in St. James Park

Kathy Biasi, Coordinator of the St. James Drop-in, and Lanadee Lampman RN, showing first use of our new sharps box

For the safety of our community

Ideally, those who use lancets to check their blood sugar, or needles to inject insulin or other medications, those of us using prescribed or illicit drugs dispose of the glass crack pipe, the lancet, the syringe safely in a yellow hazardous waste container.

In the real world that doesn’t always happen. We in the St. James, Lawrence Market community often find sharps in public places.

What to do? Putting it in the garbage simply puts the garbage collector at risk.

NOW, we have a public sharps disposal unit in St. James Park. Please spread the word so that our neighbourhood can become safer.

Below is a little video that shows you just what to do.


Lanadee Lampman RN
Parish Nurse

Posted on: July 25th, 2017 by St James Cathedral

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